Game Day Driver

  Going to the big game?  No tailgate party is complete without ScooterGuy.  Let us drive ($195 for 10 hrs).  Learn More
Don't waste your money on a limo or bus.  Call and make a reservation NOW.  Then grab your largest car, pile it full of friends, then head on down to the winery.  We will be there at the end your day to get you and your friends home safe. Learn More

Night Pickup

Imagine having a fabulous dinner or drinks with friends, attending an event, or just having fun out on the town knowing that you have a plan to get you, your friends and car home safely and legally. Learn more.


Why pay those high prices for black sedans, gaudy limos or smelly vans? You like your car, so use it. Our driver, your car; the perfect combination for a night about town. Learn More.

Executive Car

This service is ideal for airport runs, catching up to your group and not needing another car,  or even getting your love ones to and from appointment during the day**. Learn more.